Satellite Tracking

Tracker XL solutions offer a straightforward way of tracking vehicles and equipment, whether monitoring trucks, trailers or a fleet of cars.

Tracker XL works across the world using the Iridium satellite system. Iridium is the largest fully meshed satellite network in the world, and the only satellite voice and data system with complete global coverage.

Our satellite tracking solution is tailor-made to your requirements, enabling you to:

  • acquire accurate positioning on a digital map,
  • receive regular status notifications via SMS or email,
  • provide your customers with accurate ETAs,
  • integrate data directly into your own database,
  • monitor and prevent excessive fuel consumption, and
  • apply geofencing - receive instant notification when no-go zones have been entered, or automatically immobilize the vehicle if necessary.

Our vehicle tracking system provides huge savings by enhancing fleet efficiency and perfecting your asset utilization for maximum returns.

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