Recent Projects

Operators Training in Ethiopia

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TSXL worked for 3 Month period for our Sister Company Afritrac an official distributor of Renault Trucks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, providing a 2 day Driver Training Package for over 250 Drivers. The driver and operator training was for the vehicle Renault Kerax 500 8x4 tractor head and the training was given to a government haulage company who had recently purchased these vehicles.

First day of training was spent in the classroom on theory where everything about the vehicle and its specialist features was taught. The second day was spent being shown around the vehicle with a demonstration of vehicle weekly maintenance and checks. Finally, a drive of the truck demonstrating how it should be driven correctly took place. This training package was carried out to a very high standard and the drivers acknowledged this and appreciated the training.


Warranty and maintenance program Middle East

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Lenco Armored Vehicles is the United States of America's leading manufacturer and designer of tactical armored security Vehicles.  They are used around the world by police and security organizations to provide protection to operators who put themselves in harm's way to keep the public safe. After Lenco secured a contract with a major Middle Eastern police force, TechsupportXL was asked to provide an experienced "lead field service engineer" to oversee the initial fielding of the BearCat G3 amored vehicle, to manage the warranty program and to provide driver training to police operators.

Following the above mentioned cooperation, Lenco has now established a regional service center at TSXL Jebel Ali in order to provide support for Lenco products throughout the Middle East.  The service center will be used for keeping stock of vehicles and parts, pre-delivery inspections, deployment of field engineers, repair and maintenance work with customers around the Middle East.


Consultancy and Training in Southern Africa

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Last quarter of 2014 TechsupportXL was asked to train and upgrade a commercial workshop in the southern part of Africa. The workshop is maintaining a huge number of trucks and luxury vehicles that includes latest models of Toyota Land cruiser, Toyota Hilux and Lexus vehicles.

Techsupport XL sent a Lead Trainer Mechanic to conduct a variety of tasks in connection with the workshop upgrade, first stage was to assist the installation of workshop equipment and conduct training in its operations, to ensure proper and safe operation of all the equipment. Secondly, the Lead Trainer Mechanic carried out in-depth training of mechanics in using the Diagnostic Equipment for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The last stage of the training was to oversee the workshop operation, carry out quality control and to implement proper preventive maintenance for all the vehicles which arrived in the workshop

Finally, TSXL staff was also involved in the spare parts department, carrying out training in vehicle parts number identification using the Toyota EPC-electronic parts catalog and proper parts storage.

The project was carried out successfully and the workshop is now running a high level luxury brand workshop with modern vehicle diagnostics, repair procedures and workshop processes


Workshop and Maintenance Services in Guinea

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TSXL worked for G.M.S.(General Mining Services), for an eventful 6 month period in Guinea Conakry. During this period TSXL helped securing a  contract with PROJECT EHEALTH AFRICA who were assisting in the region with the fight against the Ebola virus. The contract consisted in provision of full servicing and maintenance for a fleet of over 100 Toyota Vehicles. This also included 24  hour Recovery, GPS monitoring, fuel management, vehicle insurance and drivers for the vehicles.

TSXL also assisted in establishing a software package to more efficiently manage vehicle maintenance, jobs, parts, labour, job cards and invoices, all of which helped enormously in the day to day running of the workshop. GMS were also trained in the importance of engineering hygiene and good practices within workshops to ensure optimal health and safety standards.  Our time spent in Guinea was very successful and the work carried out left GMS  transformed by the time we finalized the project.


Driver training South Sudan

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Shortly after the birth of the world's newest country "South Sudan" the United Nations Mission moved its headquarters from Khartoum to the new nation's capital Juba, establishing a new mission UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan). The mission has an extensive fleet of Renault trucks many equipped with specialist operating systems from refuge collection to airport handling systems. 

TSXL provided an expert Automotive Systems Instructor working closely with the UN Chief Transport Officer to provide Driver training to 50 Locally recruited Sudanese Drivers. The training included Safe operation of vehicles in harsh conditions, daily maintenance checking, driver repairs, understanding of driver's controls and mechanical components. 


Workshop and Maintenance Services in North Africa

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TechSupport XL has recently secured an agreement for the provision of vehicle workshop and maintenance management services to a Government organization in Morocco handling a fleet of up to 21,000 vehicles and trucks.

TechSupport XL employed 6 project engineers and automotive specialists to mobilize this project and over the course of the project expanded the organization to 14 managers, quality assurance and health and safety staff, and 120 technicians and training instructors

Apart from carrying out a complete refurbishment of the building, the project included equipping the workshop to latest international standards as well as installing and implementing a complete fleet management system . Techsupport XL was also tasked to upgrade the local mechanics technical skills including diagnostics capabilities and specialist repairs. Finally, we developed refurbishment program for Toyota Land Cruiser and Oshkosh vehicles. The project was completed by obtaining ISO 9001 certification within one year of becoming operational. Techsupport XL is still supplying spare parts to the project today.