Van Vliet XL Group FZE

Djibouti Ports & Free Zone
Port of Djibouti

Tel. +971 4 880 9424
Fax +971 4 880 9425

Van Vliet XL Group FZE, located in the Free Zone of Djibouti, specializes in the sales and storage of new and used trucks, 4X4 vehicles and cars. Djibouti is the gateway for Ethiopia and the African continent. Van Vliet XL is primarily serving logistics, construction and transportation companies in this region.

TechSupportXL Morocco S.A.R.L.

Tel. + 971 4 880 9424
Fax +971 4 880 9425
General manager Jens Terkelsen
Mobile number +971 50 653646

TechSupportXL is operating dedicated vehicle workshops all around the world. TechSupportXL Morocco S.A.R.L. is one of the projects set up for a government organisation to manage its large fleet of vehicles for maintenance, repair and refurbishment.