Project Supply XL

Project Supply XL specialises in providing tailor-made fleet vehicle solutions for projects operating anywhere in the world.

Our dedicated team of in-house specialists can meet urgent deadlines, providing:

  • advice during the vehicle selection process

  • a wide range of reliable new trucks, trailers, autos, heavy equipment and spare parts available for short lead times to any part of the world

  • fast and efficient vehicle modifications

  • all logistics to final location, taking care of all the red tape

  • dedicated fleet workshops at your project site for maintenance and repair

  • technical training and driver training

As an authorised supplier of well-known industry brands, Project Supply XL is your partner in procurement and delivery of the widest range of vehicles.

Project Supply XL has a large stock of ex-army trucks available for immediate delivery. These trucks are fully reconditioned, with low mileage and modified according to customer requirements.

Project Supply XL is supplying to government and aid organisations, mining companies, the oil and gas industry, and infrastructure and construction companies.