Dakar Rally

Van Vliet Automotive Group has been supporting the Dakar Rally since 2003. Marcel van Vliet, MD of the Van Vliet Automotive Group Ltd, has been participating in the Dakar Rally for many years. In 2010 Marcel's years of racing culminated in a 3rd place finish overall in the Truck category.

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2015 Dakar Rally : Start Buenos Aires, Argentina - Chile – finish Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The Eurol Veka MAN Team reached its best result with a 4th place in general classification of the 9.000 km Dakar Rally. Marcel van Vliet finished 3 times on 2th place in the stages and reaching 8th place in general classification. This year's teammate Ales Loprais winning 1 stage and just missing the podium in general classification


2014 Dakar Rally : Start in Rosario, Argentina to finish in Valparaiso, Chile (9.000 km)

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This year 13 stages and with 70 trucks trucks in competition Marcel van van Vliet (Driver) and navigator Marcel Pronk and Mechanic Artur Klein finished 9th in General classification. Best stage result 3th (2x) and Eurol Veka MAN Teammate Peter Versluis winning Stage 6.


2013 Rally LE DAKAR: Lima, Peru to Santiago de Chile

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The Eurol Veka MAN Team, supported by TrucksXL, achieved a perfect result with 2 trucks in the top 10 and a stage victory for Peter Versluis (7th general) for. For Marcel van Vliet (8th general) it was his 5th consecutive finish in the Dakar rally with a truck.


2012 Rally LE DAKAR: Mar del Plata, Argentina to Lima, Peru

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Victory in the first stage in the team was going for the podium. Technical problems in stage 5 the crew lost valuable time in the classification of the trucks. A beautiful result for team owner Peter Versluis with a top 10 finish.


2011 Rally LE DAKAR: Buenos Aires – Chile – Buenos Aires

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Marcel van Vliet  joint the Dakar 2007 winning VeKa MAN team.  With its crew Serge Bruynkens (navigator) and Bernard der Kinderen they finished 7th overall in the truck category and German teammate Franz Echter on 5th.


2010 Rally LE DAKAR: Buenos Aires - Chile - Buenos Aires

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The first podium finish for the Ginaf Rally Power Team. Marcel van Vliet and his crew, Herman Vaanholt and Gerard van Veenedaal, ended 3rd overall in the truck category.  This result is crown for the Ginaf Team and driver Marcel van Vliet in the 9,000 km legendary rally Le Dakar.


2009 Rally LE DAKAR: Buenos Aires - Chile - Buenos Aires

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2009 Rally LE DAKAR - Buenos Aires - Chile - Buenos Aires

In 2009 the Dakar rally moved to South America. The crew, Marcel van Vliet, Herman Vaanholt and Gerard van Veenedaal, competed in the Ginaf X2222 powered with a 1000 HP Caterpillar C18, winning the first stage and coming 3rd on the 2nd stage. They finished in 11th place in the truck category in the 9,500 km Dakar Rally. Teammate Wuf van Ginkel finished 8th.


2008 Rally LE DAKAR: Lisbon to Dakar

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Marcel van Vliet joined the Ginaf Rally Power Team run by the brothers Wuf and Edwin van Ginkel. Ginaf, powered with a Caterpillar C18 engine with over 1,000 Horse Power, is a truck manufacturered in the Netherlands. The complete rally was cancelled because of terrorist treats in Mauretania. All competitors including 270 motorbikes, 20 cars and 100 trucks went back home in great disappointment.


2007 Rally LE DAKAR: Lisbon to Dakar

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No finish due to technical problem in Morocco. The repair could not be done in time to start the next stage. Best stage finish 7th showed the potential of the truck and crew.


2006 Rally LE DAKAR: Lisbon to Dakar

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First participation in a truck in a Daf 85 4X4 with 800 HP. The team, Hans Bekx Teamsport, was refused at the start of the rally because of a homologation problem with the trucks.


2005 Rally LE DAKAR: Barcelona to Dakar

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The 2005 team competed in a Bowler WildCat in Team Dakarsport. The race started on the beach in Barcelona (Spain) and went through Morocco, Mauritania, and Mali to finish at Lac Rose in Dakar, Senegal. Total 9,100 km. Result: 24th in general classification.


2003 Rally LE DAKAR: Marseille to Sharm el-Sheikh

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First participation in the Dakar Rally with the Mitsubish Pajero Evo. Driver Marcel van Vliet and Navigator Marc Wams.  Start in Marseille (France) through Tunisia and Libya to finish in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt). No finish because of engine failure in Libya.