Company Profile

Van Vliet XL Group is privately owned company and supplier of new and used automotive equipment. Based in the Jebel Ali Free-zone Dubai we supply to countries all over the world from Europe, Middle East, all of Africa, up to the Caucasus and Russia.

Van Vliet XL specialises in supplying

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • 4x4s and cars
  • Project vehicles
  • Heavy equipment
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Tracking systems
  • Dedicated service/repair workshops for vehicle fleets

Van Vliet XL Group provides teams of highly skilled specialists in our commercial, procurement, logistics, and technical divisions, setting the highest standards in automotive solutions. We also offer vehicle modification and service/repair workshops to tailor vehicles to your needs.

Van Vliet's Techsupport XL division supplies maintenance contracts and dedicated service, maintenance and repair workshops for our clients' vehicle fleets in any part of the world.

We have offices and stock locations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, from where we can arrange shipping to any destination in the world in a fast, cost-effective and convenient way.

Expert knowledge and dedication to the customer are the cornerstones of Van Vliet's success. To the people who work at Van Vliet, a vehicle is more than just a product, it's an important tool to help you achieve your business goals.